Il Novecento Orchestra

The 'orchestra of the twentieth century', the English translation of the words Il Novecento, was founded in 1991. Il Novecento is a symphony orchestra without permanent members. Robert Groslot is the orchestra's conductor. As from 2016 Alexandra Arrieche is the orchestras conductor for all Night of the Proms shows. The remainder of the orchestra is comprised solely of top-class freelance musicians. The average strength is 60, although this number is regularly expanded to some 75 musicians. The orchestra has already exhibited its musical virtuosity during performances in a large number of European countries - Belgium, The Netherlands, Germany, Switzerland, Luxemburg, Austria, France, Spain, Italy, Great Britain, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Portugal, Poland, Serbia, USA and Slovenia are all countries on Il Novecento's list.

Il Novecento has acquired an impressive list of concerts and tours. Since 1991 a returning highlight on this list is the annual 'Night of the Proms' concerts. Il Novecento accompanies well-known pop artists during these extremely popular concerts, whereby arrangements of the original works are prepared especially for the orchestra. Sting, Joe Cocker, John Miles, Toto, Supertramp and Zucchero are just a selection of the many artists who have performed with the orchestra in full concert halls in several European countries.

Other highlights were the accompaniment of Luciano Pavarotti during a number of concerts in Antwerp and Amsterdam, and the European tour with Andrea Bocelli, the European tour with Björk and two European tours (2006,2007 and 2009) with Il Divo. In 1999, in Berlin, Il Novecento received international recognition on the award of the prestigious 'Goldene Kamera' for the orchestra's performances on German TV.

The orchestra performs music from the last three centuries, but without becoming tied to a specific repertory. And, at the same time, the orchestra also combines past and present in a playful manner. Classical music and pop music can both be included in the repertory - an approach which breaches existing conventions and breaks new ground, but without detriment to the artistic quality or integrity.

Future Events

November and December: Night of the Proms in Belgium, Luxemburg and Germany with Natasha Bedingfield, Chaka Khan, Tom Chaplin (Keane), Simple Minds, Time for Three, Stefanie Heinzmann, John Miles, Ronan Keating, Gabriel Rios, Leona Philippo and Alexandra Arrieche

20 January 2017 Antwerpen/Elisabeth zaal (Cofena)
24 March 2017 Warschau
25 March 2017 Lodz

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